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  • Lets give this a " go "

    I'll do a intro i guess , I am " Steve Ross " the owner of " PNC Collectors Australia? " and along with my good friend " Steve Povey " we run the fastest growing PNC Collectors group on facebook, Our group focuses on PNCs but we also cater for PMCs and what i call PBCs and PPCs'

    PNC = Philatelic Numismatic Cover
    PMC = Philatelic Medallion Cover
    PBC = Philatelic Badge Cover
    PPC = Philatelic Pin Cover

    Both " Steve " and i are collectors, so we know what we go through to put our collections together, its alot of hard work and lots of research and this is why we created our group , its so other collectors can come and find like minded people to share our collections and our knowledge, Its not to make money off each other its to make friends that enjoy and understand what it takes to build our collections.

    I also will be selling the New " Greg McDonald " PNC Guide Book " from our facebook group. Leave me a message here if you are interested in buying a copy . It is $49.95 + $5 postage for the first 240 books sold ( after that the price of Postage has to rise to $6.50 due to Aust - Post Postage rate increase )

    Ok that's it, leave a message and say G'day


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    A very warm welcome to Steve Ross the owner of PNC Collectors Australia, by the way it is one of my favourite Facebook Groups. It's good to have you onboard Steve

    The group is a place where PNC ( Philatelic Numismatic Covers ) , PMC ( Philatelic Medallion Covers ) include Badge and Pin Covers. Collectors come to show off and chat about their collection or want in your collection, you can find information about new items and get valuations

    A recent feature is " Swapping " . They also have a extensive range of Albums covering from 1966 to the present, there are also albums for each Impressions Booklet,

    Join now at PNC Collectors Australia | Facebook

    Corey?? - Coins, Banknotes, PNC's